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Terms & Conditions

  1. Property

    Property in any goods delivered or to be delivered to you shall pass to you upon receipt in full by “Lucinda Rose” of the purchase price and any other moneys payable in respect of:

    1. The goods the subject of this contract; and
    2. All other goods delivered by Lucinda Rose to you under any other contract between Lucinda Rose and you.
  2. Risk

    Any goods to be delivered to you shall be at your own risk from the date of delivery of such goods to you.

  3. Sale of goods

    In the unlikely event that a price shown on our website appears incorrectly, we reserve the right to correct the error which may result in an increase or decrease in price.

    If you sell or dispose of the goods prior to property in the goods passing to you, then you sell or dispose of the goods as the agent of Lucinda Rose for full value and in the ordinary course of business and the purchase price and any other moneys payable by the purchaser or other third party shall be paid into an account specifically maintained by you for that purpose.

    You shall account to Lucinda Rose for the purchase price or any other moneys payable by the purchaser or other third party to you, and Lucinda Rose shall remit to you by way of commission the balance of such moneys after deduction of the purchase price and any other moneys payable under this agreement by you to Lucinda Rose.

    Failure to comply with this provision does not negate the agency with respect to the sale or disposition of the relevant goods nor negate the right of Lucinda Rose to recover and trace the purchase price and any other moneys paid by the purchaser or other third party to you.

    You shall store the goods so that they are separate and clearly distinguishable from goods of a similar nature owned by you and shall not obliterate, alter, deface, remove or obscure the identifying number, plates, marks or other matter affixed to such goods.

  4. Claims

    Lucinda Rose accepts no responsibility for any damage to goods once they have been received by the purchaser or the purchasers nominated freight carrier. Any claims of damage to goods must be made within 48hours. Lucinda Rose will happily suggest freight companies that deliver to your address  if you do not have a preferred freight provider. However ultimately the decision of which freight provider used is the responsibility of the purchaser. Once the goods have been delivered to any freight provider the purchaser accepts full responsibility for those goods.  For credits or exchanges to be processed, goods must be returned prior to the Lucinda Rose warehouse.

  5. Products

    Goods made from Recycled timber will come with imperfections, marks, scratches and blemishes in it as a normal occurrence. These are not faults but are a normal feature of recycled timber. Recycled timber may have slight twisting, warping or cracking as well. Paint may crack and flake. Timber colour variations will occur due to the nature of timber. Dye batch variations in fabric colours are a normal occurrence. Lucinda Rose reserves the right to alter dimensions, mouldings, or other features of goods.

    Lucinda Rose purchases a significant amount of hand made items from India, Indonesia, and Vietnam as well as machine made items from all over the world. These handmade items will vary in size and colour from batch to batch as well as from item to item. The variations are not significant in most cases but do occur. Colour and size variations are a natural occurrence of these products and should not be purchased unless you are happy for this to occur.

    Leather products particularly from India are come with leather imperfections. These leather items are purchased by us knowing these will occur. We find these natural imperfections in the leather and tanning process feature adding. Your customers and or your clients should be made aware of this prior to purchase as  no refunds or exchanges will be given as these imperfections are not product faults.

  6. Currency

    Unless otherwise specified, On our website all transactions are in Australian Dollars.

  7. Site Security

    This website supports Secure Socket Layers of 128bit and greater.

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