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About us

Lucinda Rose offers a range of furniture and homewares that shows a unique style and emotion.  The pieces are fun, practical and designed for everyday use.  Furniture includes chairs, tables, shelving units, storage cabinets, accent pieces and outdoor.  Homewares are an eclectic mix of classical and replica pieces crossed with a spicy range of wall art and decorative designs.

Lucinda Rose purchases a significant amount of hand made items from India, Indonesia, and Vietnam as well as machine made items from all over the world. These handmade items will vary in size and colour from batch to batch as well as from item to item. The variations are not significant in most cases but do occur. Colour and size variations are a natural occurrence of these products and should not be purchased unless you are happy for this to occur.

As part of our principals of sustainability wherever possible Lucinda Rose only purchases recycled or reclaimed materials. This includes both timbers and steel products. While this is environmentally sound it means that our products will come with imperfections in the timbers and the steels used. We are aware of this and are committed to where possible to continue to operate in this manner. We understand that the rustic nature while at present is very much on trend in the marketplace it is not to every customers liking. Please make sure your customers are aware of the rustic nature of our products and the reasons for that. Exchanges and refunds will not be given due to imperfections caused by Lucinda Rose using recycled or reclaimed materials in the manufacture of the products offered for sale.

Leather products particularly from India will come with leather imperfections. These leather items are purchased by us knowing these will occur. We find these natural imperfections in the leather and tanning process feature adding. Your customers and or your clients should be made aware of this prior to purchase as  no refunds or exchanges will be given as these imperfections are not product faults.

Lucinda Rose will always endeavour to provide your goods in as prompt a delivery time as possible. It is not in our interest to delay any delivery to you.  However as many of our goods are hand made using recycled materials, delays in delivery times from our suppliers will occur. We will attempt to keep you as informed as possible as to the lead times, but delays do and will occur from time to time.

Lucinda Rose will happily suggest freight companies that deliver to your address  if you do not have a preferred freight provider. However ultimately the decision of which freight provider used is the responsibility of the purchaser. Once the goods have been delivered to any freight provider the purchaser accepts full responsibility for those goods.

Contact details

Phone: 0412 159 199

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