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Delivery & Returns

The delivery of furniture requires specialist furniture freighters. It  cannot be sent via couriers such as Toll or Ipec. Specialist furniture freighters carry large furniture items nationwide. The way specialist furniture freighters generally work is on a cubic metreage price structure. We will provide them with a measurement of the total cubic meters of furniture you have ordered and from there they should be able to provide you with a quote or estimation of the cost to get the freight to you. Bear in mind that most charge a minimum of 2 cubic meters and if your business is in a remote area some may have a greater minimum freight requirement.

Some furniture freighters do offer a freight per piece price list. Ie 1 chair is $30, 1 bookcase is $40 etc . However, this is less frequent and generally more costly to the purchaser. They will also have minimum charge as well.

On the bottom of the pro forma invoice under volume is the total cubic metreage of you order. If you have not yet ordered most cubic metreages are the product pages on our website as well.

A significant part of why we keep our wholesale prices so low and our margins so tight is because we understand that freight is expensive. We expect you to add the freight cost to your purchase price and mark up from there. We expect all our products to be the best value in the marketplace on the same or similar items and can definitely handle an additional freight component to be added to the cost.

At Lucinda Rose on occasion we may be able to freight to you direct, but we have limited capacity and freighting is not our business. Supplying fantastic and creative products and super prices is. If this option ever presents itself however we will of course let you know.

We are always happy to assist in suggesting freight companies that operate in your area. However we are not specialist furniture freighters and are not aware of the nature of your requirements at your end, so the decision of which freight company you use must be yours. The freight company you choose is important as they are an important cog in your business.We always recommend that you obtain quotes from different freighters where possible and that you discuss with these companies any issues regarding your freight that you may have. You should ask what the turn around time is, how it is packed and what times they would expect you to accept delivery and any other queries you may have.

Once you have selected your freight company if that is required, upon dispatch of your goods to your nominated freight company, Lucinda Rose will send you a confirmation email of the date that your freight was delivered to your nominated carrier. Please be aware that once this occurs ownership of the goods passes to you, and it is your responsibility to liaise with your freight company as to when your goods will arrive.

Deliveries to Sydney depots will incur a fee of $50. Sydney depot deliveries for any orders over $2000 will be free of charge.

If for some reason goods are required to be returned after they have been dispatched to you, your client or a freight provider, it is likely that a return fee to our warehouse will be charged.


Lucinda Rose is confident that you will be delighted with your purchases but if you have any difficulties please send through an email outlining the nature of the issue to

We will  require the date of purchase, the invoice number and photographs identifying the issues of concern. Someone in the Lucinda Rose team will then be in contact with you shortly thereafter.

Before purchase please make yourself fully aware of the nature and characteristics of the products you have selected. Many of our products have a rustic finish and are made from recycled and reclaimed timbers and recycled steel. These products will come with imperfections and are not considered faults. See our product information pages for details of this.

Please also carefully make sure that the invoice sent to you is correct. Ordering directly from our website will always insure this is.

We do not exchange or accept returns where you have changed your mind or the item is no longer suitable.

Lucinda Rose accepts no responsibility for any damage to goods once they have been received by the purchasers nominated freight carrier.

Any claims of damage to goods must be made within 48 hours. We reserve the right to request the faulty items be returned to us before issuing a refund.

Saying all that, we know that from time to time manufacturing faults or defects do occur, and if this is the case Lucinda Rose will always gladly refund or exchange the item. If goods are required to be collected from your store, this will take place either at the next available opportunity or on your next delivery. It is very unusual if goods are able to be picked up and collected immediately.

Lastly, we also understand that being in business at times and dealing with the public can be stressful, we gurarantee that the people here at LR will always be polite,  friendly and prompt as possible in dealing with any issue you may have. We expect that people who deal with Lucinda Rose are courteous and professional. If we observe conduct that we deem unprofessional or discourteous we reserve the right to cease trading at any point in time.

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